WARNING: there are a number of scams on the internet that state free or inexpensive puppies and want you to only pay shipping fees.  These are scams and they use our good name and others to trick users.  Please contact us if you are aware of a scam involving our name.
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Premium ServicesPet Transportation Service

Private Transport
Pets On Board Transport is happy to accommodate requests for individual pet transport where your pet or pets will be the only animals on board our transport vehicle.

We also offer the opportunity for you and your pets to travel together in our Class A motor home.

Please call for information and pricing on these premium services.

The following services are offered in limited areas. Please call for availability.

If you need short term boarding for your pet, Pets On Board Transport can accommodate your requirements. We have clean, secure boarding facilities available in several areas throughout the U.S.

Pets on Board Transport can arrange for in kennel training for your pet.

Local Pet Taxi
Need transportation to your veterinarian's office or a pet boarding facility? Our local personnel will be happy to arrange this service.

Airport Pick Up
If you've chosen to move your pet via air freight, Pets On Board Transport is available to pick up and deliver your pet to your doorstep at several major airports throughout the U.S.

On Board Boarding
Do you have a time table that requires your pet remain with our transport vehicle a few extra days? Our spacious transport vehicle will ensure that your pet is comfortable. Our transportation team will see that your pet's on board stay is more like a family vacation than a visit to a boarding facility.

Educational Clinics
Pets On Board Transport offers a variety of educational clinics in various areas throughout the U.S.

On Line Training Information
Need help with a specific training issue? Or advice on how to prepare your pet for travel? Pets On Board Travel offers an on line training service to assist you with your needs.


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