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Relocating is tough enough on us as humans – with all the packing, planning and driving it’s no wonder that the prospect of a move often fills us with dread. Just imagine how difficult the relocation process is for your beloved pets… your loyal, loving pets who simply don’t understand what is going on. At Pets on Board Transport we offer quality pet services to ensure that your adorably furry and feathered friends feel safe during the move.

We understand that your pets need to be treated with love and respect. Each pet is different, both in personality and mentality. Some animals are calm and collected while others are antsy and in constant need of attention. At Pets on Board Transport we’ve made sure that our pet services are designed to suit each individual animal. When it comes to pet transportation we pride ourselves on being the relocation specialists you can rely on.

Whether you’re moving locally to an event, and need your best animal friend at your side or whether you’re moving your entire home across the country, our pet travel services are the ones you need. At Pets on Board Transport, we treat your pets as if they were our own cherished family members.


Pets on Board Transport is dedicated to providing you with the best pet transportation services out there. We’re passionate about our job, we adore animals and we know how to treat them with the compassion they deserve. Our drivers have tons of experience when it comes to transporting all sorts of animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, monkeys…the list goes on).

Our pet carriers are comfortable and safe, so your beloved animal won’t suffer any unnecessary stress. Climate control in our vehicles ensures that the interior is always set at a comfortable temperature. The Pets on Board Transport drivers also make frequent stops and ensure that fresh water is always readily available. Someone is always around to make your pet feel less alone and more secure.

Our pet travel fleet includes Class A motorhomes, Class C motorhomes, and extended vans with secure enclosures for each individual pet. Should your pet feel more comfortable to travel with another one of your household’s animal companions, we can organize a more suitable travel arrangement.


Here’s what some of our other customers have to say about our pet travel services:

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful treatment you and your company gave my 4 babies when we were moving from CA to Idaho. Tucker. Moe, Rosie & Rocky all arrived to our new home safe and happy. They sure did travel in the lap of luxury, my daughter and I were envious, we had to drive!”

“I have to say how very impressed I am with the your company! My new babies arrived safe and sound and are the most beautiful things I have ever seen!! I think I slept with one eye open most of the night! I would highly recommend using your company to anyone!!!!!!”

“Just want to sing your praises! Patti you are a wonderfully kind and caring person! Enough cannot be said for your personal – they are just like you. Tina was so kind and helpful and very appreciated.”

“I loved dealing with professionals who had my dog's best interests at heart. It became clear to me almost immediately that Hugo was in very good hands. I called a number of times while Hugo was in transit, and Jim was a pleasure to speak with; he happily updated me whenever I was wondering how Hugo was holding up.”